These Realme phones will get Android 10 update in 2020

realme phone android 10

Realme has announced to upgrade 8 of its smartphones with Android 10. The news comes with the announcement of Realme XT, a first from the Chinese maker that debuts 64 megapixels primary lens.

Android 10 is coming to realme 3 Pro, realme 5 Pro, realme X, realme XT in the first quarter of 2020. For realme 3, realme 5 and realme 3i, quarter two of the year 2020 has been scheduled. And in the third quarter, realme 2 pro will be upgraded to Android 10.

realme android 10

Rest of the realme smartphones are either going to get the latest iteration of Android in the fourth quarter of the upcoming year or, they might not get one since there is no announcement from the company.

Android 10 is not just another OS update; Google has designed it to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s 5G phones and foldable devices. It enhances the security and speed of the devices, along with better management of notifications. A dark mode has been introduced that will eventually play an important role in conserving energy.

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