This week, Qualcomm is hosting the Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii where the company has already announced the latest Snapdragon 855 along with its partnership with Katouzian to develop the world’s first 3D ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor for smartphones.

Though the company did not release all of the details of Snapdragon 855 yet, we already know them thanks to a massive leak earlier. Qualcomm also stressed that the 855 is “the world’s first commercial mobile platform supporting multi-gigabit 5G.”

It will be built on an advanced 7nm process and will have a dedicated multicore AI engine that will help boost its performance up to 3 times better as compared to its previous mobile phone platform.

A specialized vision silicon will also be used for enhanced computational photography and video capture which will not only help in better scene recognition but will also come as a revolution in low light imaging, an arena where most of the flagship are battling out.

The new platform is also well optimized for gaming and while the details on this remain thin enough, we do know that the product name for this category will be the Snapdragon Elite Gaming.

Currently, most in-display fingerprint sensors use optical sensors, so they shine light up through the screen to read your fingerprint on the display. This can be inaccurate, as light diffracts through substances like water. With 3D ultrasonic technology, the device will read fingerprints through sound waves, mapping the peaks and valleys on a fingerprint to authenticate the user more accurately.



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