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QMobile HD Plus Has Only 1.5 GB RAM; Are They Serious?

QMobile HD Plus

Gone but not forgotten could have been the tag line for QMobile a couple of months back. The Pakistani leading mobile phone seller apparently disappeared from the scene completely but now it’s back and has launched quite a few phones in the past some days which include the QMobile P1 series and now the QMobile HD Plus.

Now, we all know that the smartphone industry is advancing in technology at a lightning speed. Sometimes it’s the AI fever and then we see the foldable phones and last but not least, the camera technology advancement. All of this has compelled the manufacturers to provide the best specs in their phones.

However, with QMobile’s comeback, we were expecting to see betterment in the company’s strategy as it originally started on the idea of giving better specs in lower prices but that’s not what we got.

The RAM Problem

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, for example, became the first phone with a massive 12GB RAM. Similarly, even in the budget category, we can see phones like the Infinix Smart 2 having 3GB memory but it seems that QMobile has no regard for good specs in the phone as the company has recently launched a device with Rs. 13,000 price tag that comes with only 1.5GB RAM.

Low RAM in Android Phones

So what’s the problem with low RAM? When you open multiple apps, the RAM stores that data and loads the app faster the next time you open it. Optimally, because of animations and heavy skins, Android phones need more RAM than the iPhones.

So depending upon your type of usage being moderate or heavy, the optimum RAM for Android phones should be around 2GB to 4GB. Google Pixel 3XL, even though being the latest flagship, still has 4GB RAM. But this is not an excuse for such a low RAM as in QMobile HD Plus.

if you buy a phone with such low RAM, here is what’s going to happen:

  • The data from the apps will fill up the RAM quicker
  • After that, if you open a new app, the app on the end of recent apps will be removed due to low RAM space
  • Loading time of the apps won’t be as fast and will only slow down with time

The last time we saw a phone with such a low RAM was the Galaxy Grand Prime Plus that launched almost three years ago, back in 2016. QMobile should really focus on quality instead of quantity or else it may be doomed to fail again.

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Killin your Own Vibe

QMobile HD Plus has launched with a Rs. 13,000 tag and while it may seem normal but there is another phone, QMobile Fire, which has almost the same specs and even a better 2GB RAM but still is cheaper than the QMobile HD Plus. What was the company thinking? They are just pushing out new phones just for the sake of it, irrespective of the downfall in their repute due to such negligence in their pricing strategy.

Other than that we also spotted a huge blunder from the company’s side. The box of the QMobile HD Plus, that we got our hands on, and the company’s official website both have listed different specs for the phone but the price is mentioned correctly on the website.

QMobile HD Plus Specs Mistake
The specs of QMobile HD Plus are different on the website and the phone’s box


The phone is listed with 16GB internal storage on the website while on the box it says 32GB. Even the battery is written as 2800mAh on the website while it’s 3000mAh on the box.

While QMobile may have been back with a bang and it may have started rolling out newer models frequently, let’s not forget that even the giants like HTC could not stand the test of time. So its high time QMobile starts to watch its steps before it gets into any trouble it cannot escape from.

Written by PhoneYear

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