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PUBG PC is on the verge of extinction? a final chance to redeem itself

pubg pc dying

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground or PUBG PC version is probably the most famous battle royale game on the planet.  But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and a lack of innovation has led to this moment. PUBG PC has finally dropped down to only 500,000 players at peak times, which is not enough when comparing the global scale. Among the COVID-19 crisis, when all other games are gaining more audience, PUBG is dropping down on its PC players.

Therefore, if the situation continues to go on like this, it is clear that PUBG PC may die down or at least become the least preferred game in the community. But, as developers continue to pump out new content for the game, why is it losing so much audience. The question arises!

There are a few reasons behind the demise of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground.

Bugs and glitches in PUBG

The bugs and glitches the made PUBG PC hilarious for web streaming are now dragging it down rapidly. As time passed by, the developers made attempts to fix the bugs and glitches, but the situation kept getting worse, as each bug they fix leads to another one. The frequent floating players, the exploding cars, glitching trees, and building. All this led to a massive drop of 11% to its player base, which puts it in a critical stage. Therefore, if nothing is done soon to revive the game, then it will fade into digital limbo.

The Unhappy PUBG Pros

Professional players like choco Taco and Malcke are ditching PUBG for better alternatives such as Call of Duty. This presents the fact that other online battle royale games are doing much better in attracting a new audience. Games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six are gaining more player base every week.

But PUBG and its rival Fortnite are seeing a massive drop. However, Fortnite has been able to recapture its audience again and again due to its innovative ideas and content. But Player Unknown’s Battle Ground has failed to do the same due to its limitations.

Last chance for redemption     

Despite the massive drop in players, PUBG still maintains a good fan base. So, if they work hard to revive themselves, their fans may return. But at this stage, a few fixes and additions may not be enough. The game may have to reinvent itself, which, too is a massive gamble.

Either the game’s reinvention brings back the players lost, or it will further drive the fans away. No matter if the situation calls for it, a considerable risk is inevitable to save one of the biggest online battle royales of the decade. The Coronavirus epidemic is bringing more audiences to digital applications, where it is hurting other businesses. So, the best time to reinvent itself is right now. 

Source: Fossbyte

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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