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PTA to start blocking 3 million phones in Pakistan this week

PTA to block phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to block 3 million mobile phones as part of the measures to prevent smuggling of illegal phones in the country.

According to the authorities, the mobile phones will start getting blocked from this week where the people who will eventually pay the legal taxes will be able to operate their devices after eight hours.

The move was decided by the authority during a meeting addressing the phones worth billions of dollars that illegally come into the country and cause damage by not paying taxes, leading PTA to block phones. Since last year, the government has been asking people to register their devices or else be deprived of their favorite gadget.

The authorities started this drive with the launch of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) which was formed to block the cell phones that do not come with a valid IMEI number. It has already started to block devices in the country.

Additionally, for anyone that is traveling to Pakistan, only one smartphone is allowed for every passenger per year otherwise they will have to pay taxes.

Every year, billions were lost to national exchequer due to illegal import of mobile devices and in order to increase foreign reserves, the government is taking strict measures to curb this menace and promote the legal imports.

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