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Beware; pre-installed Android apps steal your personal data

Pre-installed Android apps stealing data

Be it the stock Android Google pixel lineup and the Android One phones like the Nokia 6.1 Plus, or every other device with a custom skin from its respective manufacturer, all of them come with a certain number of preinstalled Android apps. Such apps could potentially be a grave danger to your privacy.

While these apps may act as fillers for your important tasks such as some of the weather apps or the data sharing apps for Android, but others just sit there exploiting your privacy and sending your personal data to advertisers without your consent.

An analysis by the IMDEA Networks Institute, Stony Brooks University, found out that some hardware vendors are pre-loading their Android devices with apps that suck up user data.

This shocking revelation came as a result of the research on the preinstalled Android apps was conducted on 1,700 devices from 200 hardware makers, leading to a probe of 82,000 pre-installed apps. They concluded that a lot of pre-installed Android apps enable third-party access to user’s data without their consent.

The gravest concern is the kind of data that these apps are sharing. This data includes your email, phone call metadata, geolocation data, and even contacts, etc. Moreover, some of the apps even keep track of the opening and closing of other apps.

The fact that these apps are granted custom permission by the manufacturers as a result of their data exchange agreement, makes it more concerning. So next time when you buy a phone and see some pre-installed selfie apps for Android, be sure not to overlook them for your own safety.


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