Here are the Popular Selfies of the Year 2018

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Selfies will remain trendy until advancement in smartphones camera provides us some other easy way to capture self-photos. Many celebrities and other people use the smartphone’s front camera to give us a sneak peek into their lives.

Here, we have compiled a list of most popular selfies that we came across in 2018.


There was a time when only rear camera in the smartphone was at our disposal and people used to take their selfies with the help of a mirror in front. The trend is back again thanks to some celebrities posting such photos more often.

This is the selfie shared by Bella Hadid going one step further in capturing a mirror selfie by utilizing convex mirror at a roadside.

Wu Yongning is no more now! Unfortunately, the guy died due to an accident caused while he was taking a daredevil selfie. We advise youngsters here to not indulge in such type of activity without the supervision of experts.

Selena Gomez shared this selfie announcing that she was away due to a kidney transplant. She also praised her friend, Francia Raisa, for showing such an extreme love.

Daniel Lau and his friends are behind this extremely dangerous selfie which stormed the internet getting mixed reactions by the people.

Do subscribe Cinzia Bismarck’s Instagram profile if you love underwater photography and marine life. She randomly shares some alluring shots from the ocean which spellbound the followers.

Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? The legendary sportsman has an active Instagram profile where he shares his life and football stories with the fans.

Do visit this post occasionally as its the ever populating article. Also, if you have something to add to the story? Share in the comments below.

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