You can now pay for Netflix in Pakistan via monthly PTCL bill

pay for netflix in Pakistan

With the age of the internet, we all love to stream our favorite shows online and since Netflix made its debut in the country, we have been struggling with the question of how to pay for Netflix in Pakistan as debit cards of many banks do not allow the users to enjoy subscription services.

To solve this issue, Netflix has partnered with PTCL where the users will have the option to include their monthly subscription charges in their landline bill.

How Does It Work?

The PTCL billing option for Netflix is only eligible for the customers who will sign up for a new Netflix account or rejoin the streaming service through the PTCL website. According to Netflix, once you sign up through the offer, you will be automatically enrolled in the PTCL billing program.

It is quite an attractive offer for the Pakistani users as most people are still unbanked in the country (low ratio of debit and credit cards) and are quite comfortable with the concept of monthly utility bills.

To sign up for Netflix via PTCL’s offer, you can click here and enter the required details which include your Account ID (present on your monthly PTCL bill) and your Telephone number.

For further information regarding how to pay for Netflix in Pakistan using PTCL billing option, you can check out the company’s FAQ page.


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