Pakistanis are unlocking blocked phones by PTA for Rs 2000 in black market

Blocked phones by PTA.
Image Source: AP Photo

In a recent drive to curb corruption, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started to block unregistered or illegal mobile phones in the country but apparently, people have found a way around the system. The blocked phones by PTA are being unlocked in the black market for Rs. 2000-3000, depending upon the type of device.

Senator Mian Mohammad Ateeq Shaikh revealed this information during a  meeting between the Senate standing committee and the Ministry of Information Technology. He also showed a receipt to the committee members and Ministry officials proving that someone has their blocked mobile phone unlocked in the black market.

This is a major setback for Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), which was formed to root out the illegal devices in the country. If the blocked phones by PTA can be unblocked for such a small sum of cash, then the authorities will fail to keep the menace of smuggling in check.

According to PTA, there are around 2.8 million phones illegal mobile phones in Pakistan which will be blocked in four phases. The first phase has already been started in April 2019 and we have yet to receive any updates about the success of the project and plans about the next phase.


Image Source: AP Photo


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