A Pakistani-born engineer at Microsoft makes coronavirus dashboard in 3 days

COVID-19 is probably the most well-known virus throughout the world nowadays. Over two hundred thousand people are suffering from it at the moment. Whereas, double the numbers are suspected to come in the next few weeks. It is certain this epidemic is not slowing down, and without proper precaution, the numbers are just going to keep growing. One of the recent countries hit by the Coronavirus is Pakistan, which traces the origin of the spread all the way back to Iran.

As the spread of the virus is still in its infancy, with only about 400 people affected by it in Pakistan so far. The count can go as high as 20,000 in just a week. That is why there are many measures in place to keep track of the virus and its effects.

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Saad Khan, a young and talented Pakistan-born Engineer who lives in Washington, is working for Microsoft for making a dashboard that is built to keep track of the spread of Coronavirus, in a highly interactive manner to educate the people across the globe. Moreover, it will also allow them to zoom in and see more information on the specifics of each country and the afflicted.

saad khan microsoft
Saad Khan | Image source: FB profile

Saad mentions on his FB post that he, along with his teammates of different backgrounds, worked day and night to come up with the first version of an end-to-end dashboard in only three days. The dashboard has been integrated with Bing News, videos, and maps, and the next versions will have a lot more features.

The dashboard is also available on iOS and Android. Click here to access the web version.

Pakistan’s own local dashboard

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Pakistan, in all this, is also not far behind as the Ministry of IT is also working on its own version of the application. This application will help the people stay up to date on the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and take precautionary measures. There are individual portals already online about assisting people in getting help or diagnosis. But experts believe that efforts need to be fast-tracked as the expected number of cases triple every day.

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Pakistan is getting hundreds of new patients every day, and the people are in a state of panic. Therefore, every portal, website, or application that they make will crash due to the sheer pressure of digital traffic. To counter COVID-19, there should be multiple portals to divide the burden and unparalleled technical support.

Via: MIT Technology Review

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