Oppo, the Chinese smartphone giant is holding an event in Beijing, China, on January 16 where the manufacturer will show off a 10x optical zoom technology. This specific tech is a step ahead of the company’s 5x Precision Optical Zoom which was unveiled at the end of Mobile World Congress 2017.

Oppo has always been one of the most innovative brands and this lossless zoom technology is evident of the aggressive attitude of the brand towards marching forward in new avenues.

Oppo 10X optical zoom

Oppo’s patents about this tech surfaced last month and the diagrams in the patent suggest that Oppo will go with the way of dual camera setup just like it did with that of the 5x Precision Optical Zoom technology and also a periscope-like arrangement which keeps the camera module thin.

There are also rumors about the Oppo R19 and Oppo R19 Pro being the first phones from the company to receive this revolutionary technology but as we can see that the last year’s 5X Precision Optical Zoom is nowhere to be seen in any Oppo phone even now, we think that the chances of 10x optical zoom technology being available in any phone any time soon.

The Chinese manufacturer seems keen to innovate and invent new technologies as it has already invested millions of dollars in Research and Development and its high time that those investments pay back.

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  1. Oppo is indeed keen to bring new technologies before anyone else and I agree their millions of investments will be paying them back.