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OPPO MeshTalk lets you call and text without Wi-Fi or cellular network

OPPO MeshTalk
Image Source: Gizmodo

OPPO had more than one surprises for us at MWC Shanghai 2019. After unveiling world’s first ever under display camera for selfies, it announced its propriety communications technology which allows OPPO users to make a call or text without using cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or even Bluetooth. The system is called OPPO MeshTalk, a protocol which can successfully send and receive data between devices up to 3km apart.

As the name suggests, it is a mesh network, i.e., OPPO MeshTalk can route the message through several nearby smart devices so it can reach its targeted phone, even if it is not in clear sight or too far away to create a direct connection. It uses a custom-made chipset which is more sensitive to achieve long-range communication.

Even though it is a low-bandwidth system, it still supports voice calls in addition to text messages. According to the Chinese smartphone maker, OPPO MeshTalk is not a burden for the smartphone’s battery and is planning for the system to provide a 72-hour standby mode so that you can reach smartphones in case of an emergency even when you are low on power.

We do not see it replacing the norm for regular calling or texting instead OPPO sees its new communication tool to be beneficial in circumstances where you cannot access the internet, and the telecom services are congested, down or unavailable for instance after a match, concert, during a protest, or at a foreign airport, etc.

Image Source: Gizmodo

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