Nokia Phones confirmed to get Face Unlock

After the bezel-less craze in the smartphone industry, one of the most talked about feature in a phone is the Face Unlock. Every smartphone manufacturer is in line for providing the feature on their top and midrange phones. Some companies, like Huawei, have even provided the feature in their entry-level phones as well. That being said, Nokia Phones are the last in the race to receive a Face unlock feature.

The company took to Twitter to confirm that some of the selected Nokia Phones will receive the face unlock feature in the coming months. Although the time frame was not specified in the tweet, however, the company confirmed that the feature will be activated on the phone via OTA update.

Nokia 8 Sirrocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 (2018) and Nokia 8 will be the foremost Nokia phones to entertain the face unlock feature.

It should be noted that be it the Nokia phones or any other phone, the face-unlock feature is never as safe and secure as a fingerprint sensor, pattern or pin password as not all the phones have got a 3D facial recognition like iPhone X or the Xiaomi Mi8.

With so many fads going on in the smartphone industry like in display fingerprint scanner, 3D face recognition, and iris scanner technologies, don’t you think Nokia phones are lagging behind in facilitating the users with contemporary trends of the industry?

The company really needs to up their game if it intends to compete with the smartphone giants of the world, otherwise, it may be left behind in this blazing fast market of smartphones.


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