Nokia now officially allows to unlock bootloader on its phones

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Customizing Android has always been a charm for developers as well as tech enthusiasts who keep playing with the software, get rid of the bloated apps and activate the secret functionalities that manufacturer don’t allow by default.

Although the craze is still there, phone sellers today provide a hell lot of customizations through their skins which leave lesser desire to unlock it.

Manufacturers like OnePlus and Motorola have always been allowing fans to customize in whatever way possible but companies like Nokia never allowed it until now.

Nokia’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, has announced on Twitter that users can unlock the bootloader on Nokia phones.

However, Nokia warns that unlocking bootloader is not for everyone and only the serious users and developers should get their hands dirty. Warranty will be void if someone does it and even if the device is relocked, some functionalities and apps like Netflix, some financial apps and Google Play might not work again as the device’s security would be compromised.

However, if you are still crazy about unlocking the possibilities, click here to submit a request for Nokia 8 and a couple of other Nokia phones for getting a code to unlock the bootloader.

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