Nokia 9 Might not Come With a Bezel-less Display

The Nokia 9 has been in the news for quite some time specifically for its design and camera placement, and rightly so because 5 cameras on the back of a smartphone are something that you really don’t see every day.

Another leak about the phone has popped up recently that focuses on the design of the phone from the front end.

The leaked live photos show the entire front of the phone and to be honest, we are not impressed at all. A world where every manufacturer is trying to achieve a bezel-less design, Nokia has gone for huge bezels on the sides as well as the top and bottom.

Though the bezels are not as thick as the Nokia 8 but are considerable in size. A camera sits on the right corner of the top bezel along with a cut out in the middle for the ear-piece. The chin doesn’t house anything, not even the Nokia branding so we are not sure why it is so thick.

The fingerprint scanner isn’t visible on both the front or the rear of the phone. Which suggests that it might actually come with an in-display scanner that was earlier rumored.

With all its seeming imperfections, the Nokia 9 will be a flagship of 2019 and we are, nonetheless, anxious about what its five cameras will offer.

  1. Yes, this leak design is unimpressive. Five cameras on back is unique. Lets see until Nokia officially announces its specs and unviel this phone next year.

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