Mysterious Xiaomi phone gets certified

The Chinese giant Xiaomi is known to release its mobile phones under two brand categories, Mi and Redmi. The most significant difference between the two brands is their price according to the use of components in phones.

Redmi uses less expensive internals and hence is focused on just the budget and midrange category. While Mi series also includes the company’s flagships like Xiaomi Mi 8.

The company is all set to launch its third brand under the name POCOPHONE. The brand’s first phone has already be certified by Taiwan’s National Communication Commission (NCC) under the model number M1805E10A.

Xiaomi Pocophone

The same phone hit the FCC and if we look at the ID in the leaked image, we can clearly see that the phone bears the same model and code as it had on the NCC. Other details of the phone include the dimensions. Xiaomi POCOPHONE is 151 mm long, 76 mm wide and has 1633 mm length diagonally.

Xiaomi pocophone sketch

Although the phone was certified in May, the leaks have just surfaced on the internet. The documents also reveal that the phone will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands.

Earlier Xiaomi applied for the EU trademark of the name POCOPHONE, this might be a hint that the phone will also be released in Europe. However, nothing can be said with certainty as to where, when or for which markets the phone will be released.

Xiaomi is already making its way to the top by capturing a huge chunk of the budget and midrange smartphone market. Xiaomi Redmi 5A remains in the top 10 most sold mobile phones of May 2018 in the global market which clearly hints that the company is getting popular day by day.


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