MS Office for Android to come with 6 new features

Microsoft is rolling out big updates in July to all three of its major Office for Android apps, with several improvements. Released date is still not confirmed by the Microsoft, its not like that the apps are getting complete overhaul but usability of the apps will be improved by this update.

The new features added are:

Microsoft Word

  • As you’re scrolling, the word count of your document is always in view
  • Zoom snaps to fit documents to your screen with no wasted space

Microsoft Outlook

  • You can now delete contacts in Outlook for Android
  • Do Not Disturb toggle, so you can limit distractions

Microsoft Power Point

  • Reviewing made easy; Access comments and notes, and read and edit slides easily, whether in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Quickly capture and share enhanced images with fewer taps.

Microsoft’s Office apps for Android smartphones are one of the best tools for editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Let’s face it; you probably won’t be spending a lot of time in the Office for Android apps. Smartphone office suites are mostly meant for making quick edits to existing documents.

But it’s great to see that Microsoft’s new apps features are robust enough to not leave Office veterans wanting. And since all apps sync with OneDrive, you can be sure that any document you edit on your phone can be accessed on your desktop later.

The paid version of these apps is expensive, but lets admit that there is no other software that can compete its features especially on windows right now. If you want to quick edit your docs and slides on your android smartphone, android version of the Microsoft Office is working in right direction to enhance your user experience.

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