Mobile Phone Battery Test

Mobile Battery Test

Mobile Battery Test

What we include in our battery test: Battery drained while using Instagram, recording a video, streaming audio, watching videos on YouTube, WhatsApp video call, and mobile gaming (30 minutes each),

How we do it: We use mobile data (4G LTE) during testing and keep the brightness and volume of the phone at the maximum limit.

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We, at PhoneYear, stay away from the simulation-based battery testing instead, we try to exhaust all the real-life possibilities that smartphone users face every day and see how long a certain phone’s battery will last once they are exposed to such conditions.

We take great measures to carefully test the smartphone and produce statistics that can relate to a common man’s life struggles. We will continue to expand the number of smartphones in our graph to show you the battery performance of new devices.

Note: Click on the phone’s name on the graph to see its detailed specs