Microsoft Could Launch a Foldable Phone Next Year

2018 is closing its curtains on us and the smartphone industry is all ready to set foot in 2019 with releases of their respective best phones expected in 2019. However, Microsoft is the only company which hasn’t released a single phone since February 2016 but a new patent has just surfaced teasing a foldable phone from the American giant which means we could soon see the company back in business again.

It seems Microsoft is gearing up to rival the likes of Samsung in releasing the world’s first foldable phone commercially, although Samsung has already revealed its version of foldable device.

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The patent from Microsoft was filed back in 2017 and published yesterday. It shows a phone with two display and a hinge that helps it fold in a noteook style. The hinge mechanism can also be locked with a dedicated button.

From the images, we can conclude that the users can also choose to hold the device at a 90-degree angle, with the help of the second portion allowing the lower area to act as the keyboard, just like a laptop! Huawei is also planning to launch a foldable phone with 5G connectivity that might host a similar design as the pne from microsoft.

That being said, it is still a patent and there’s no guarantee that it will see the light of the day or not just like we saw a foldable phone patent from Oppo a couple of months.




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