LG is not going to get tired, and this comes true with the announcement of LG G8 ThinQ that is reaching us very soon this month. The flagship from the company does not boast any new design patterns that could bring it at par with other upcoming flagships in terms of design.

As the mega Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi Mi9 are all set to amaze the world on the same day, G8 ThinQ is likely coming with old-styled bezel display along with a huge noticeable notch at the top. At least this is what press images from the famous phone leaker Evan Blass show.

LG G8 ThinQ Evan Blass
image: Evan Blass

This is not it; LG has tried to play smart with G8 ThinkQ this time by giving its display an extra function of acting as a speaker. They are calling it Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) that will vibrate the entire surface for producing a sound which according to LG will be more impressive, louder and clearer than what a standard speaker produces.

Of course, there is a speaker grill at the bottom for a more conventional source of the sound.

LG G8 ThinkQ CSO
image: lowyat

Another thing that gets confirmed with this new feature is that LG G8 ThinQ is to come with OLED display this time despite lots of trouble in the past.

Another distinguishing feature for LG fans is the Time of Flight (ToF) sensor for the front camera. LG believes, unlike the conventional sensors, it will blast the face with IR and capture a 3D representation of the face. LG has confirmed in its press release that such sensors are frequently used for biometrics and augmented reality features and therefore they are more reliable than conventional sensors.

There is no mention of other specs other than few apparent things that phone is likely to come with a fingerprint sensor on the back despite having the ToF sensor and also there are reports that G8 ThinkQ might come with Snapdragon 855, 4000 mAh of battery and possible support for 5G technology.


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