LG G7 One Becomes the First LG Phone to Receive Android Pie

LG doesn’t have the best record with Android updates, but LG G7 One being part of the Android One program, things are set to change. With the latest update, the G7 One becomes the company’s first device to run Android 9.0 Pie.

The Android Pie update includes the November security patches and measures in at a steady 812MB in size. This update could mean that LG G7 ThinQ may also be getting the Android Pie update in the near future.

Whilst this update has only been limited to Canada for now, we don’t have a clear idea of when the Android Pie will go global for the G7 One. This update was spotted by an XDA member who reported that the update changelog stated the following:

  • Android OS Upgrade
  • Camera functionality has been improved
  • Usability improvements through Google patch

Though we don’t have any evidence beyond the word of this member. we still think that its high time LG might be rolling the latest update for its phones.

Here is a list of all that we think will get the Android Pie update sooner or later. Though it’s not official yet, these devices may be getting Android 9.0 anytime soon.

DeviceExpected release date
LG G7 ThinQQ4 2018
LG G7 OneReleased on 16 Nov 2018
LG G7 FitQ1 2019
LG V40 ThinQQ4 2018
LG V35 ThinQQ4 2018
LG V30S ThinQQ1 2019
LG V30/V30+Q1 2019
LG G6Q2 2019
LG Q8Q2 2019


As of November 2018, the Korean company has already launched more than 15 new phones, however, not all of them will be upgraded to Android 9 Pie, especially since most are budget devices that have Android Nougat out of the box.

However, the above-stated devices are most likely to get the update simply because they are high-end phones from the company.

Via XDA Forum


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