LG Phone with 16 Rear Cameras Could be in Works

Hoping to two rear cameras was a real success for manufacturers, then it became triple cameras and still not satisfied with that, Samsung introduced 4 cameras in its Galaxy A9 2018. Nokia is also said to release the Nokia 9 with five rear cameras but LG is way ahead of the game and has patented its phone with 16 rear cameras.

I kid you not! 16 lenses. It might sound like a joke but it isn’t. The Korean manufacturer filed a patented that states that the company may already e working on or thinking about working on such a smartphone. This will surely trump all its aforementioned competitors.

The 16 lenses will be arranged in a 4 x 4 layout on the rear of the phone and are meant to take multiple shots in multiple perspectives of the object which allows creating 3D imagery and also makes it easier to replace objects in photos due to the additional data, taken with each shot.

Possible camera arrangement setup as described by the patent

Though this may sound revolutionary technology, it’s not really necessary that such product may see the light of the day, as is the case with most of the patented files from smartphone manufacturers.

Whether it gets released or not, it certainly shows that camera is gradually becoming a more important part of a smartphone than it ever was. Even now it constitutes a decisive understanding in whether to buy a phone or not.

Incorporating 16 lenses on the back of the phone is quite a leap of faith and technically a challenge as well. The company will have to overcome a lot of engineering challenges to transform this into reality.

Via: Ice Universe


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