Lenovo Z5 camera samples shared by vice president

It’s not been long since the company’s Vice President Chang Cheng has taken to Social media website Weibo to announce the Lenovo Z5, world’s first bezel-less phone. According to Cheng, the company has gone through four technological breakthroughs to achieve such a radical design.

Mr. Cheng has been the sole source of all the information we have yet received on the Lenovo Z5. It’s a good thing that the company official is engaging people and teasing them with the latest innovation that the company has developed.

OnePlus has adopted a similar strategy of leaking their phone’s specs ahead of launch just to involve the users in the process and we can see that OnePlus 6 has been a huge success.

Yet again the official shared the camera samples of Lenovo Z5 on Weibo. Although taken down shortly, they couldn’t escape the eyes of tech geeks around the globe.

Lenovo Z5 camera samples

We can clearly see the watermark on the bottom left corner which indicates that the Lenovo Z5 will have dual cameras with integrated AI. Since the pictures were not uploaded in their full resolution, no one can possibly have a complete idea of camera quality.

The pictures were taken relatively in the dark which could be a hint that the phone will perform well under low light circumstances. However, as earlier shared by the company’s VP, we do know that the phone will pack 4TB of storage along with 95% screen to body ratio without a notch.

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