Lenovo teases launch of quad camera phone

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Huawei set the record of launching the world’s first phone with triple rear camera setup. Some manufacturers followed the suit like Samsung which released Galaxy A7 2018, a midrange device with triple rear cameras, while other brands are trying to supersede Huawei by launching phones with more than three cameras and it looks like Lenovo will be the first one as it has already teased a quad-camera phone launch in October.

Lenovo’s Vice President created some ripples in the tech industry when he shared a poster on Weibo, which displayed a quad-camera setup. The four cameras are arranged in a square-like shape with rounded edges just like we saw in the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

An LED flash can clearly be seen in the middle of the four cameras however, we are not entirely sure whether such awkward placement of the flash will affect the pics taken, let wait and see what the company holds.

Lenovo s5 Pro

The poster also mentions that the phone will launch in October but the exact date is not known. Since the name of the device is not provided we have a strong feeling that it going to be the Lenovo S5 Pro.

The phone was originally teased by the company’s VP a few days ago however in all the teased that we have received till now, only the front half of the phone is shown till now.

Lenovo S5 Pro will come will a bezel-less display like the Oppo Find X, however, it will not sport a motorized slider instead it will have a mechanical slider that you’ll have to manually slide to reveal the front camera.

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