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KaiOS phones in Pakistan? QMobile brings first one with Telenor 4G speed

qmobile telenor kaios phones launch

KaiOS phones in Pakistan? Can it create a demand for itself in the local market the way it did in India by claiming a second spot after Android OS that enjoys nearly 71% of the market share? 

These are questions for QMobile, who has almost disappeared from the smartphone arena, but all of a sudden it has just surprised us with a new offering in the shape of a bar phone that runs on KaiOS. It is a feature phone that can run applications like WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Google Maps, that, without having a Google Play on it.

Yes, because it is not an Android phone that we are quite used to within our smartphones. KaiOS is an operating system, primarily meant for feature phones, originated from the Firefox OS and based on Linux architecture.

In Pakistan, QMobile has partnered with Telenor for introducing a feature phone that can run 4G data on it. 

From an Android user’s point of view, it is not a big deal, even, its limited capability can not turn heads but for those feature phone users who can not get a hold of a pricey Android device, this device can come in handy.

The interesting part is that you can run wifi, mobile data and even use the device like your mobile hotspot without a need to carry data device. And, this OS has its own app store, although, not as diverse and extensive as Google Play.

Priced at around PKR 3,600 and with 2.4 inches of display, this device is backed by 2500 mAh battery and comes with a 3 months Telenor data bundle for free.

Having said that, you shouldn’t expect extreme performance from the KaiOS phones on account of limited memory resources.  

KaisOS phones are mainly popular in regions like India and Africa, where buying a $30 worth of phone is still equal to making a choice between eating for a whole week or spending on a device. Such a phone under $20 comes handy in such markets. 

Reliance Jio, being the largest KaiOS phone seller in India also has a 16% stake in this US-based company that makes this operating system. Jio phones are mostly subsidized and bundled with data offerings to target the extremely low-income group of society.

If you want to look at the devices that are based on KaiOS, here is the official site of the company that lists all of them.

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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