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Your mobile phone is dirtier than a toilet seat

Mobile phone dirtier than toilet seat

Though your mobile phone looks spick and span and you admire its beauty among your friends but don’t get fooled so easily. It might be the dirtiest thing in your hands. Yes, a recently conducted research states that your mobile phone carries 10 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat.

Still, you think your phone is as clean as it seems? The study reveals that a device with the leather casing is more likely to carry the most amount of bacteria. In contrast, mobile phones in clear plastic cases are also prone to carry 6-7 times more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Insurance2go, a gadget insurance company, also performed research to show how much yeast and bacteria do different parts of a phone collect. “Our testing found that smartphone screens harbor the highest amount of bacteria, yeast, and mold, with 254.9 units of infection present per cm square,” the company said.

mobile phone dirtier than toilet

It’s undoubtedly dangerous and hazardous to health, considering that we press the screen of our phone against our faces many times a day to make calls let alone touching the screen to operate the phone on a daily basis.

Hugh Pennington, Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, was quoted in the report as saying: “Swabbing a smartphone is almost like checking your handkerchief for germs – you are likely to find them because of the close physical contact you have with this device several times a day.”

The study shows that the risk of bacteria infused phones soars even higher when you take your phone along with you whenever you go to use the lavatory. A survey reveals that 2 people among every five in the workplace carry their phones to the bathrooms.

If you are also in habit of taking your phone to the toilet during nature’s call, we strongly advise you to abandon this bad habit as it will only harm your health

Is it distressing enough, or should we carry on? The worst part is that the bacteria and yeast, and God knows what, is not only hazardous instantly, but they tend to colonize on your body and start weakening your immune system gradually.

Anyways, the solution to this is just one; keep you your phone and disinfected! The Insurance2go poll found out that only one in 20 adults cleans their phone every six months or less. By cleaning, we don’t mean rubbing it against your pants now and then, which does nothing but make it grimier.

A soft cloth and a little spray of an alcoholic solution should do the work for you and will help you keep your phone clean and germ-free. Repeating this once a week should do you some good.

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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