iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Hit by Charging Bug

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The brand new iPhone XS and XS Max have only been in user hands for a week and they have already started to encounter problems with the device.

Many users have reported a charging problem on the new Apple devices in which, upon inserting the charger in the phone while the display is off, the phone does not automatically begin charging, instead you have to turn the display on by tapping on the screen.

What’s worse is that during this situation, users were not able to wake up the device using the power button when the cable is plugged in.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy was alerted to this problem and performed a test where he plugged in a bunch of iPhone XS and XS Max devices to test whether they charge while asleep, and found that several XS and XS Max phones didn’t start charging until after he woke up the phone.

Not only that, one iPhone XS Max was stuck in sleep mode while plugged in and he couldn’t take the phone out of its frozen state until he unplugged it.

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 12 for its phones and this issue may as well be the by-product of a security feature which prevented iPhones from connecting to devices like computers if they haven’t been unlocked recently. That way a phone can’t be compromised as easily.

This is more likely a software issue and Apple may release an update to fix this, however, no response from the company has come forth for now.

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