iPhone SE 2 to launch with dual camera and all screen

There are various reports from credible sources that Apple is working on a phone that will be a mix of iPhone SE and iPhone X. The device described as iPhone SE 2 will look like iPhone SE but may have a few features from the most recent phone by Apple, iPhone X.

If reports are true, the new iPhone SE 2 will feature an LCD display like that of iPhone X. And if this phone launches with such features, it will be a significant hit in terms of affordability and providing a smaller version of iPhone X to the customers. Here are more leaks about design, specs, release date and price of the phone.

Release Date

The early speculations suggested the new iPhone SE 2 may launch at Apple’s WWDC event on June 4 but we saw there was no such announcement by Apple that the company was working on second version of iPhone SE.

Another rumour claimed Apple would start the mass production of iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2018 but it still awaits confirmation. Chinese accessory makers believe Apple may launch the new mid-range device in its September event when it releases new iPhones every year.

So the iPhone user or those waiting to get their hands on iPhone X can count on to get a more affordable iPhone with features similar to that of iPhone X this September.


For the design of iPhone SE 2, there are two kinds of reports. First assumption supposes the new mid-range device will feature an all-screen front like iPhone X with a notch at the top, dual camera at the back, no home button and no headphone port.

The famous tipsters and phone cover makers also predict iPhone SE 2 will have a glass back support wireless charging. The credible sources supprting this assumption make us believe Apple is working to bring a smaller phone with larger display.

People who believe in the second assumption are of the opinion that all the above features if iPhone SE 2 comes packed with these, will make it an expensive device and there is no point of introducing another expensive phone similar to iPhone X.

It’s hard to predict what design Apple will come up with in new iPhone SE 2. But we conclude that the new device will look similar to iPhone X in screen and display, may have no home button and headphone port and feature a more traditional design with powerful innards.


Price of the new mid-range phone by Apple has confused everyone. If Apple is working to offer a great number of features similar to iPhone X in a smaller device, it’s obvious that the phone will be expensive than its predecessor, iPhone SE.

But the early leaks reveal the new iPhone SE 2 may cost around $450 while iPhone SE started at $344 for 16GB version. So we can expect Apple to provide its users with a cheaper iPhone.

iPhone SE 2 Other Feature Leaks

The other features of iPhone SE 2 rumoured around include a quad-core A10 chipset, 2GB of RAM, rear and front facing cameras with 12 and 5MP respectively, 4-inch LCD screen, two variants of 32 and 128GB and Face ID featured in iPhone X.


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