iOS 12 release date, features and everything you need to know

There were a lot of rumours about iOS 12 that the new version of the operating system would focus more on performance and improve the user experience on devices supporting iOS 12. Apple announced the release date, major upgrades and features in the new iOS.

As far as the release date is concerned, it will be available for everyone in September when Apple will launch new iPhones. The developers have the permission to test and experience the new iOS but other people will have to wait until September to use and experience how the new operating system works. Here is everything you need to know about iOS 12.

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Apple confirmed that all the devices supporting iOS 11 would upgrade to iOS 12 including iPhone 5S. So the users of even the older models of iPhone, no later than iPhone 5S, would get this major upgrade of iOS.

Performance Update

iOS 12 has several upgrades but the biggest one is performance. It’s all about speed and performance. The user will experience 40% faster app launch, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard and huge optimization with clever CPU.

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iOS 12 revamps Photos in your devices supporting iOS and now you will have a lot more options to search and find images. It also has a new tab “For You” and it will have all the new albums, suggestions for sharing photos, suggestion effects and a lot more.


It’s great to learn that Apple has done a great job by improving its apps. The news app in your device will be even better, the stock app will have news inside on iPad and voice memos are also coming on the iPad. iBooks, car-play and other default apps in iOS supporting devices will have new, better and cooler looks.

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Animoji and Memoji

This is exciting to find that the emojis in iOS devices will now support tongue detection. But the most interesting part is Memoji and it’s amazing. With this new feature, you can make animoji of yourself by selecting hair and skin color and selecting the effect to do a live recording of your animoji.

Other major upgrades in the new iOS include, measure app that’s like an AR measurement tool, ARKit 2, USDZ file format, smart Siri that will let you find your lost keys now, better notification management, new group notifications by apps and topics, FaceTiming with 32 people at a time and Screentime app to monitor your device use time.

Final Words

iOS 12 has a number of major upgrades and focuses more on improving the performance of the devices. However, the screentime app will also be a great help for the users to reduce their time with devices. In short, all other features and upgrades make iOS 12 quite an exciting update.

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