Huawei transfers Cloud service to Irish-based Aspiegel amid privacy concerns

Huawei has been trying to battle the allegations regarding links with the Chinese government for more than a year now and it seems like in order to prove that the data of the users has no relations with the Chinese government, the company has decided to transfer its mobile services to its wholly owned subsidiary Aspiegel which is based in Ireland.

According to Huawei’s official website, the company will be transferring Huawei mobile services including Cloud, Themes, ScreenMagazine, and App Advisor to Aspiegel by 30th April. This change will apply in Asia (excluding, China, Japan, and Korea), Oceania, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

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The company is giving “organizational changes in Huawei” as the reason for this move. Furthermore, the company has also made it clear that Aspeigel will be responsible for protecting the personal data of the users.

It seems like the company is finally addressing the reports regarding data privacy through this move and by keeping the data in Ireland, it may be able to expand by convincing people that they have no hidden motives

Ever since the U.S. barred Huawei’s phone from their market last year,  the company has been involved in a fierce competition to showcase the might of their ideas. The company through its new P30 series also took a massive dig at Apple and Samsung during its launch event, taking the fight to the technology ground.

Recently, in an interview with the Financial Times, Guo Ping, Huawei’s chairman said, “The US government has a loser’s attitude. They want to smear Huawei because they can’t compete with us.”

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Transferring of Huawei’s mobile services outside of China might exactly be the move that can help the company to expand and satisfy the security concerns of users and give a satisfactory answer to the reports of Huawei’s ties to the Chinese government.

Huawei has become one of the largest smartphone brands in the world and successfully overtook Apple in the second and third quarter of last year to claim the second spot globally. Even when it landed back on the third position in the fourth quarter of 2018, it witnessed a staggering 43.9% increase in its smartphone shipments, unlike Apple and Samsung which only suffered from a decrease in shipments volume.

Recently, Huawei’ CEO Richard Yu also revealed the company’s strategy to combine the powers of both Honor and Huawei to dominate the smartphone world.

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  1. I cannot see my cloud app or account which I subscribed to recently there is no shortcut showing on my desktop so how can I back up to the cloud???? Please advise.

  2. I have got also a bill on my credit card from aspiegel Limited, and I have no idea what is it :0,99€ every month ?? Can you help me ??

  3. Again I am being deducted 79p from my account. I have no recalculation of doing any debits. This has been happening for a while. I’d emailed the wrong address before. To cut a long story short I am a it pissed off with it all. one debit it effected my funeral insurance. Hence also fined by bank. That was a very expensive 79p. Is there away to stop this. Or shall I just let this continue.

  4. I too was being deducted 79p and couldn’t work out what is was for. I vaguely remembered it was something to do with Huawei cloud. Anyway, I found out what it is and how to cancel it. It is definitely a subscription to Huawei cloud. You can cancel as follows.
    You should have a ‘Cloud’ app on your phone, if you can’t find it as I couldn’t you need to click on ‘AppGallery’, go to ‘Me’, ‘Purchase history’, open ‘Cloud’, go to ‘Upgrade storage’, At the top of this page next to your username is says ‘manage subscription’, click on that and then go to ‘subscription’ and at the bottom it says ‘Cancel subscription’.

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