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Huawei to ship 225 million smartphones with Hongmeng OS by the end of 2019

Huawei Hongmeng OS

Huawei, the second largest smartphone company based on shipment volume, is accelerating the debut of its homegrown Hongmeng OS after Google was forced revoked its Android License due to the US government’s unreasonable ban. Now, the company plans to ship 225 million smartphones with its custom operating system by October 2019, according to a recent report.

The smartphone giant will focus on bringing Hongmeng OS to its budget smartphones in the first phase while the flagship phones will have to wait as the Huawei still does not have an inclusive app ecosystem yet to replace all the functionalities of Android OS.

Previously a report from Rosenblatt Securities also revealed that the company has already shipped 1 million phones featuring its propriety Hongmeng OS but it was not clear whether it was for retail or testing purposes. The company is working hard on luring the famous app developers on the Google Play store to build its own arsenal of mobile apps so users won’t miss out even with the absence of Android on Huawei’s smartphones.

Reportedly, Huawei’s software will be compatible with all Android apps and will also provide increased security to protect the user’s data. The company is said to be working with internet companies and smartphone vendors in China to test its Hongmeng OS at present. The teams from OPPO and Vivo were shown that the Huawei’s operating system was 60% faster than Google’s Android.

While Huawei is at full swing to show no fear while facing off US restrictions by trademarking Hongmeng OS in multiple countries, Google has started to lobby against the Huawei ban and has asked for exemption stating that the OS created by the Chinese firm will become a security risk for America.

Recently, Huawei CEO Guo Ping also talked with Konstantin Noskov, the minister of digital development, communications, and mass media of Russia regarding the possibility of using Sailfish OS on Huawei phones and reportedly, the Chinese form is already in the middle of testing devices with pre-installed Aurora OS.

The company’s interest in Aurora OS shows that it is considering all options for its smartphone users. We have already seen the leaked screenshots of Hongmeng OS and there is a chance to see the complete software in the coming Mate 30 series.

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