Huawei supercharge crowned the best among all

Smartphones, especially flagships (and some mid-rangers) nowadays are packed with interesting features one of which is the quick charge. As a result of a test held between 8 charging technologies, an Indian outlet Hometop ruled that Huawei Supercharge is the best of them all depending upon the time it took to fully charge the phone.

Hometop is an Indian outlet which performs research and comparative analysis of electronic appliances as well as handheld gadgets in order to give you a better idea about the quality of the products and their results once they are pitted against one another.

In the said test, eight of the renowned fast charging technologies were compared which included Huawei Super Charge, the most famous OnePlus Dash Charge system, Apple’s propriety system, an unassigned version of Qualcomm’s fast charging, Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge, Motorola’s Turbo Charge , MediaTek’s Pump Express, and USB Power Delivery

Huawei Supercharge beat all the others to dust by charging the Honor 10’s 3400 mAh battery in just 73 mins. While the Dash Charge remained on the second spot with 80 mins followed by Moto’s Turbo Charge that took 82 mins.

Qualcomm’s quick charge spent 100 mins to fully charge the phone while Apple’s system took 125 mins on iPhone X. pump Express by MediaTek charge the Ulefone T1 in 144 mins and USB Power Delivery on the Pixel 2XL spent 152 mins to fully charge the phone.

Earlier Dash Charge was considered the best charging system but now Huawei Supercharge has replaced it which is evident that Huawei is constantly improving its services along with its smartphones.

Huawei seems to opt an aggressive policy since it has been pushing newer budget and midrange models, like the Y9 2018 and Y5 Prime 2018, in the market within very short intervals. The company also eyes to beat Apple and Samsung by selling 200 million smartphones this year.


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