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Huawei smartphones can keep running Google Android; Trump eases ban

Huawei ban

Today is a good day for not just Huawei but also its smartphone users as the US government has lifted some restrictions and has allowed the company to trade with the American firms. This means that all the companies that were affected by trade restrictions like Google, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, etc. will be working with the Chinese firm once again without any issue.

The move was announced by U.S. president Donald Trump in a press conference at the G20 2019 Summit in Japan after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping where the two talked about the continuing trade issues between the two countries.

While talking to the media, he said, “I have agreed to allow them to continue selling the products … I like our companies selling things to others.”

He didn’t mention whether Huawei will be taken off the entity list but hinted at further deliberation with the Chinese smartphone maker so we can see better days for the company in the future.

Finally the “will they, will they not” confusion has ended, and Huawei will remain part of the Android family. At the same time, it is likely that the company’s plan B, custom-made Hongmeng OS which was reportedly launching in August or September will take a backbench.

The sudden Huawei ban had showcased that the company has been preparing for rainy days since 2012 when it first started to develop its own OS, which it recently started testing with OPPO, Vivo, and Tencent. Previously, it had shipped 1 million units with Hongmeng OS and was planning to ship 225 million devices by the end of October 2019.

Since Android and Huawei smartphones are back together again, we can expect the revert back to its original plans for 2019. It will also probably stick with the update schedule for EMUI 10 based on Android Q, which has been confirmed for Honor 20 series and 11 Huawei devices.

The Chinese company started 2019 with a bang as it reclaimed the second position from Apple in the list of top smartphone makers in Q1 2019 and made a splash with Huawei P30 Pro (Camera Review). But due to the US ban, it was thrown off from its target of acquiring the top spot in the handset industry and anticipated $30 billion loss over the course of two years along with 40%-60% drop in international sales volume.

We have to wait and see how Huawei will make its comeback by averting one of the biggest disasters in its history and how the panicked users around the globe will take the news.

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