Huawei shipped 1 million smartphones with its custom Hongmeng OS

Huawei phones hongmeng OS
Image Source: Android Pit

Huawei, the current second largest smartphone maker based on shipment volumes has finally shipped 1 million smartphones with its homegrown Hongmeng OS, according to GSMArena. Rosenblatt Securities have revealed that the smartphones were being prepared to test the Android-rival operating system but did not clarify whether the phones were market ready or just development products.

Reportedly, the Hongmeng OS is compatible with all Android applications and offers increased security protections to the users to protect their personal data, a major concern of the smartphones user of today. Following the Huawei ban, the Chinese firm had to learn to make do without interacting with many US tech firms including Google which offers the biggest smartphone platform, Android to the companies around the world.

Even with the 90 days reprieve, Huawei cannot be certain whether the US government will back down to see its unreasonable actions and thus is working to create its own operating system in case it has to end the dependency on the Android OS.

The company started working on Hongmeng OS last year and has now successfully trademarked it in multiple countries across the world. The US restrictions on Huawei have posed a major question for the smartphone makers about the dark side of relying on a single operating system which will likely lead companies to think of an alternative in case they come face to face with a similar ban in future.

Google looking at the horrors created by Trump’s policy has already tried to protest against US government’s decision to blacklist Huawei and has asked to be exempted from the apparent ban and continue to provide its operating system to the Chinese firm.

Image Source: Android Pit


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