Huawei P30 Pro Real Life Pictures Reveal an Amazing Design

Huawei is coming hard at its competitors from the start of 2019. The company earlier launched the world’s first multimode 5G chipset and now at the MWC event, Huawei Mate X was unveiled. But that’s not all. Folks from Digital trends astonishingly got their hands on the Huawei P30 Pro too which was present in the demo area at the event.

Huawei has already announced that it’ll be launching the P30 pro in an event in Paris 26 March however, no one was expecting the phone to be there at the MWC. The pictures of the device, however, are enough to build the hype around it.

Huawei P30 pro will come with a highly reflective body. As for the design, it seems that the P20 Pro had a baby with the Mate 20 Pro. In term of physical size, it is the same as its predecessor and also weighs almost the same.

huawei-p30-pro camera
Image: Digital Trends

In terms of design and camera placement, Huawei p30 Pro uses a triple camera which is placed on the top left at the back of the phone. There is one peculiar thing about the brand of the phone which is branding on the back. A “Link” and “Vogue” branding can clearly be seen on the back.

huawei-p30-pro charging port
Image: Digital Trends

It’s because the phone is internally codenamed as Vogue. Since this is the demo unit, we are sure that we will see different branding on the final retail unit. The “Vogue” will be replaced by “Huawei” while the “Link” logo will be replaced by Leica branding.

The glass panel on the back of the phone has a chrome finish. Note that you can’t notice any fingerprint reader on the back of the device so it is highly likely that the phone will be equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

huawei-p30-pro volume rocker
Image: Digital Trends

The bottom edge of the phone has a USB Type-C charging port along with two speakers or it may also be a single speaker with a mic as we’ve seen in almost all the Huawei phones.

There were no images of the front panel of the phone as the company said that the design on the front is still incomplete. While there is are no details available on the Huawei P30 Pro specs, it is expected to come with a Kirin 980 chipset and an OLED Panel with FullHD+ resolution.



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