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Huawei mobile phones prices drop massively

Huawei mobile phones

Huawei mobile phones are popular in many countries, and Pakistan is one of them. Its flagships from P and Mate series are always pricier, at least it started from the days of P10.

The P series belongs to young people who are photo enthusiasts and always looking for a device that is bold and beautiful, whereas the Mates are always the powerhouse incorporating newer chipset every year. Even in this year, Mate 30 Pro features the latest and fastest Kirin 990 chipset.

It’s not unusual to drop the price of previous year’s flagship when a new one comes, but in 2019, everything looks shaky after Google stopped working with Huawei in compliance with the directives from US government. Although P40 is far from getting the broad daylight, Huawei has reduced the price of its latest P30 series, even though, it runs Google services and there is no such pressure like incompatibility.

P30, the standard version was priced at PKR 125,000 a few days ago, but the latest retail price has come down to PKR 90,000. This looks interesting because here, it might give competition to its own family member Honor 20 Pro, which already stands at under PKR 100K price bracket and both use similar chipset, Kirin 980 and a quad-camera setup.

The photography giant P30 Pro also had a price fall. It dropped from PKR 175,000 to PKR 157,600 which becomes an almost 10% price adjustment.

Mate 20 Pro, our previous year’s favorite is also among the Huawei mobile phones that are now being offered at a very cool price. It was nearly PKR 150,000, but now the retail price in the local market is PKR 120,000, making it a 20% decline.

Huawei has recently introduced its Mate 30 series in Germany which is expected to land soon in Pakistan. We don’t expect Mate RS Porche Edition to hit the stores but Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will surely be available on select places.

Huawei mobile phones might also suffer another price drop in the coming days on account of high dollar exchange rate, taxes and growing competition from rival phone makers who are eating Huawei’s share in the mid-range category.

Huawei mobile phones have experienced a significant price drop in Pakistan. The company reduced the prices of P30 Pro, P30 and Mate 30 Pro in the local market

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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