Huawei and Leica partnership unstable amidst us security warnings

Huawei and Leica, a partnership that has provided the smartphone users with some amazing smartphone cameras might be in trouble.

The German camera maker has acknowledged that after the United States government has warned people against buying the Huawei devices, the business relationship between the Shenzhen-based smartphone maker and Leica optics has suffered in a way.

The two companies first announced their partnership in 2016 which changed the smartphone camera game in the handset industry. Since then, several smartphones have been released by the Chinese company with Leica optics including the recently launched P20 Pro which is the first smartphone with a triple-camera setup at the back of the device.

The business environment sadly has taken a drastic turn as in February 2018, the directors of NSA, FBI, CIA and several other intelligence agencies told the US Congress that Huawei devices pose a threat to national security and the citizens should avoid using the Chinese brand’s devices.

Earlier this year, we saw that AT&T and Verizon, two US carriers, dropped their separate deals to introduced Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the US. Best Buy followed suit and also discontinued selling Huawei’s devices.

All of these factors have seemingly forced Leica to weigh its existing relationship with the Chinese smartphone giant. Michael Röder’ Leica’s spokesperson told PDN via email, “As it is essential that a partnership of this nature not only outwardly communicates mutual values but also upholds such values in its day-to-day business activities, both parties agreed not only on purely business-relevant aspects, but also precisely scrutinized areas such as Corporate Policy and Business Ethics beforehand and set them out in the form of an Honesty and Integrity Agreement.”

It is worth mentioning that though the US government has spoken out against Huawei devices, they haven’t been actually banned. The US consumers can still buy them from retailers like Wal-Mart and B&H.


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