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Huawei has prepared Hongmeng operating system for its devices

huawei hongmeng operating system

Amid all the rage from the US government followed by the suspension of business with Huawei by all US-based companies including Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft, the Chinese smartphones giant seem all prepared to power its future and existing devices with its own homemade operating system.

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu had revealed a backup plan (Plan B) in March this year while talking to a German newspaper, Welt.

Foreseeing a possible ban and suspension of business ties with its major partners, the Chinese phone manufacturer is successfully testing a new operating system to save millions of its customer base all across the world.

Although Huawei prefers to work with Google, Microsoft and all the US-based partners since no company can run alone today, as Richard explains to Welt, however, it is a part of its life-saving plan to keep powering its devices in future should there be a situation when Google and Microsoft are forced to provide services.

There is no information yet on the details of operating system Huawei has built for its phones but Huawei Central, based on its sources, believes it is “Hongmeng” which could be a technical name for the OS and a more friendlier name to the world is yet to be announced by the Huawei.

The week started horribly for Huawei when Google pulled off its Android support from Huawei’s devices after an executive order from US President Donald Trump. Huawei’s existing users will keep using their devices but no OS update will be provided to them from now on, Google announced.

We will keep discussing what kind of operating system Huawei’s could be and how it can be a replacement to Google’s Android and the entire ecosystem.

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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