Huawei gaming smartphone may be introduced this year

Huawei gaming smartphone lineup will start soon than you think. The brand’s Consumer Business President Jim Xu announced that the upcoming gaming smartphone is in the works and will launch later this year.

There is no information related to specs, pricing, and availability of this upcoming phone. One thing which we can expect from this device is the brand’s latest GPU Turbo technology. With this tech, Huawei claimed to increase devices performance by 60% while reducing power use by 30%.

If you’re not aware, the GPU Turbo tech is already present in Honor Play and soon will be available for various other Huawei and Honor devices. We also hope Huawei gaming smartphone packs the latest and powerful octa-core Kirin 970 or even the upcoming Kirin 980 which is expected to debut on the Mate 20 series.

The recently launched Honor 10 do have the spectrums of a gaming smartphone, like 3D gaming. We are keen to know what will be differences in this specifically marketed gaming smartphone? we awaits the specs, you should too.

Stepping foot in the gaming segment, Company will face Razer phone as well Asus’s upcoming ROG smartphone. Until Razer phone surfaced, there was no specific genre dedicated to gaming smartphones, but now it is trending as many smartphones are putting their resources into these phones.

Gaming smartphones not only demand great visuals and optimum performance but better battery consumption. Gamers will love to know what is the answer for longer battery life from Huawei? All we have to do is wait and see whether the brand can shake the market with it.

Also keep in mind they plan to release 5G-capable solutions, chips, and smartphones in 2019. The company is very busy at the moment though its efforts could catapult it, past Apple on the global stage.


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