Huawei and Xiaomi Set a Minimum 20% Growth in Sales Target for 2019

This year has come to an end and some major smartphone manufacturers are already boasting about meeting their sales targets in this year and eyeing new targets for the next. Huawei and Xiaomi are among them that intend to increase their sales growth by 20%.

Sources claim that Huawei has set a target of 200 Million shipments which will contribute as a 25% increase in the company’s current sales target for the next year.

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Xiaomi has also geared up for the competition. Note that Xiaomi has already exceeded its target of 100 Million for 2018 which is why it aims for a bigger jump of 20% for 2019 which roughly translates into 160 Million sales in the coming year.

Comparing with the huge growth rate of Huawei and Xiaomi, other brands like Oppo and Vivo have set a rather meager sales growth target of 10% for the year 2019

In term of market share in China, there have been shocking revelations in a recent Counterpoint Research about some of the smartphone brands. A total of 85% market share is comprised of the share of just 5 top brands where Huawei owns 23% market share, Vivo claims 21%, OPPO also accounts for 21%, and Xiaomi has a market share of 13%. Apple, however, is not as famous there in China as other brands and has a 9% share.

This brings us down to Samsung which has been facing quite a lot of difficulty in terms of sales and shockingly their sales have even more plummeted to 1% of the total market share in China placing Samsung at the last of this race.



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