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Huawei and Honor set goals to take over the smartphone world

Huawei and Honor

Huawei and Honor are ready to take on the smartphone industry together as Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer division has revealed the new dual-brand strategy for the two smartphone brands.

We all know that Huawei is aiming to become the largest smartphone maker in the world, a strategy clear by looking at the R&D strides of the company especially in the new flagship device P30 Pro which has clearly put Apple and Samsung in a tough position.

As for Honor, Richard Yu has revealed that its aim is to follow closely and aim to become the fourth largest brand in the world and second largest in China. The wonder twins will also work together in the future to develop innovative technologies along with joining powers to cooperate in distribution and retail.

Huawei and Honor were previously rumored to be parting ways to become separate entity but later on, Honor’s President president Zhao Ming denounced that news and reaffirmed their goal to walk hand in hand in the future.

It was clear that Huawei needed Honor because of the latter’s dominance in the mid-range market but the company has taken a step beyond the obvious. Huawei and Honor, through this move, will be taking out the competition from the list of top smartphone manufacturers.

While Huawei will be battling Apple and Samsung for the top spot, Honor can have a go at other Chinese smartphone brands including Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to guard Huawei’s back and give them a tough time in the market. Huawei has already announced their goal to take the top spot in 2019, let’s see how the strategies of the two companies will play out in the future.

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