Huawei Planning 5 Rear Cameras On New Flagship Phone; Probably Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is still collecting praises all over the world for its performance and camera result which 3 rear cameras are producing and no doubt it is the best smartphone Huawei has ever produced, and at PhoneYear we also believe the device has everything we can expect from a smartphone.

But the Chinese giant still looks hungry to innovate more in the upcoming devices.

A recent patent filed by the Huawei for the phone case hints us that it is planning a successor to the Mate 20 Pro that might have 5 cameras on the rear. And even if it is not a Mate phone, it would still belong to a flagship family.

Mate 20 Pro has a squarish formation on the backside that houses 3 lenses (40 MP, 20MP, 8MP, and a flash). The new patent provides a rectangular space for the camera which is easy enough to figure out more lenses are going to show up this time.

mate 30 pro case
Rear case patent filed recently

Indeed, the wide angle (20MP) and telephoto (8MP) that are currently available on Mate 20 Pro will find their way on the new phone, but we are not sure what else Huawei will put in this space.

But there is also a noticeable presence of speaker grill at the bottom of the back cover that was absent in Mate 20 Pro. And if the patent is considered to for the successor to the latest flagship, perhaps, Huawei has decided to undo its idea of hiding speaker behind charging port this time.

mate 30 pro-case-2
Mate 20 Pro doesn’t have the speaker grill but this back cover claerly shows one.

Whatever, this patent is for, we are yet to see more leaks getting unfolded in the days to come.

2019 will still revolve around the number of cameras a phone can house at max. We have already heard about a 5 lens pattern on the Nokia 9 also dubbed as Pureview that is expected to land later this year, and this doesn’t end here, even the iPhone is rumored to bring 3 rear-lenses on its upcoming flagship.

source: express



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