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How To Use Dark Mode Google Chrome In Android

Dark Mode in Google Chrome

Google has clearly been working hard not only in producing some great camera phones like the Pixel 3XL but also enhancing the software experience. Google has launched the experimental version of Chrome using which you can activate dark mode in Google Chrome for your Android device.

It is similar to the night mode in Samsung’s browser that causes less strain on the eyes so you can browse for long. Besides its usability, it also has a certain appeal to it.

The dark mode in Google Chrome can only be activated in the Chrome Canary for now. It’s a browser by Google that is currently available on play store but is still in developing phase so you might experience some crash downs in this one.

How to Enable Dark Mode?

Anyone can easily enable the dark mode but remember that it is only for the Chrome Canary and not for the regular Chrome browser for Android. Here’s how to enable it.

  • Download Chrome Canary from Play Store
  • Open it and Set it up with your Gmail account
  • Now that it’s ready to use, go to the address bar and type Chrome://flags

Once you’ve entered the address, you’ll come across a number of features of the chrome that you can enable or disable. If you are not an avid techie, we suggest you stay away from these things and in the search bar type “#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode”.

Typing this will bring out the dark mode option. Enable it, relaunch your browser for it to take effect and voila! behold the dark mode in google chrome. It looks pretty slick and minimalistic. Though it may not be out for every website due to lack of optimization, you can still enjoy it even in the developmental stage.

Rumors have it that Google is also planning to launch the Android Q, the next Android version with not only the chrome but the whole system wide dark mode. Now that would definitely be a thing.

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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