How to Install Android Pie on Huawei Phones Using HiCare App

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The latest version of Android is all the buzz nowadays and smartphone manufacturers are already gearing up to release Android Pie update for their already launched phones.

Huawei earlier announced a list of the phones that’ll be getting the Android P update along with the EMUI 9 overlay, and if you own one of those beauties and still haven’t received the update, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you have a Huawei device that is officially eligible for the Android Pie update from the company, you can also use the built-in HiCare app to update your device if you are not getting it automatically. Here’s how you can update your phone with HiCare.

  • Open HiCare app on your Huawei device
  • Log in with your Hauwei ID (If you are already logged into your phone with Hauwei ID, the HiCare app will pick that up automatically)
  • Allow location access for the app
  • HiCare will automatically select your region based on your location services
  • Now that you are all set up, go to the main screen of the HiCare app and look for the “update” icon
  • Press update and your phone will start searching the required update and once it finds it, the device will prompt you.

Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your phone to search for the required update. Once it locates the firmware, click on “update” and it will take you to the updater app where you can see all the details and size of the new OS.

From there you can finally hit the “download and install” button to update your phone’s firmware to the next iteration of software from Huawei.

Happy Updating!

Note: This will only work if your phone is eligible for the update

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