Facebook Messenger dark mode goes worldwide: Here’s how to enable it

A system-wide dark mode is one of the most anticipated features of the upcoming Android Q but it seems that Facebook wants to roll it out even before Android brings it so the Facebook Messenger dark mode is officially out for everyone.

Facebook has been widely testing Messenger’s Dark Mode for about a month now, and while the feature was available for some users, you couldn’t enable it via the settings menu.

Facebook Messenger dark mode helps lessen the strain on your eyes as well as conserve the battery of the phone too. It will work even better with AMOLED phones. If you are still wondering how to enable Facebook Messenger dark mode, just follow the instructions.

How to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

With the latest update, Facebook is rolling out an easier way for everyone to enable and disable Dark Mode in Messenger by adding a toggle in the settings menu. To activate the feature, simply tap your profile photo in messenger to access Settings and toggle Dark Mode to switch the chat from white to dark.

However, if you still haven’t received the toggle in the settings, here is how to enable it.

Facebook messenger dark mode

  • Open Messenger and open any chat that you have earlier done with anybody.
  • Once it is opened, send the crescent moon emoji (as shown in the picture above)
  • Click on that emoji and you’ll get a prompt saying that toggle has been activated
  • Go to settings and activate Facebook Messenger dark mode.

Facebook claims that the new mode will provide lower brightness while maintaining the same vibrancy and contrast. The new feature will be particularly loved by those who often use the smartphone in low light situations, where it’s hard to deal with the glare of White interfaces.



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