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How to Easily Use Large Screen Android Phones

Remember back when 5-inch screen size was considered a “large screen phone”. Good old days! Now we have smartphones exceeding the 7-inches mark, something nobody would have imagined a couple of years back.

Well, we’re all for big, bright and vivid displays but this huge size also poses a problem; usability. The bigger the screen size, the lesser the one-hand usability. If you own such a large Android phone, this tutorial is just for you.

You can download an app called the “Reachability Cursor: One-handed mode mouse pointer” from the play store. So what this app does is pretty basic and simple. It solves your problem of one hand use by providing a mouse-cursor on the screen which you can drag anywhere.

Setting up the Reachability Cursor app

If you are a right-handed person, the top left of your phone is specifically hard to reach and vice versa. Here is what you have to do to solve this one-hand use problem for large screen phones.

  • Head to Play store on your Android phone
  • Type “Reachability Cursor: One-handed mode mouse pointer” in the search bar
  • The app will appear below. Download it and once you have, open the app on your phone.
  • The app will ask for permissions. Grant the permission to the app.

How to use Reachability Cursor app

Once you have completed the above steps to download setup the app on your large android phone, here is how you can use the app to gain the most out of it.

Go to home screen and swipe in from the bottom right edge of the device. If you are a left-handed person, you can swipe in from left side and a trackpad will appear along with a cursor on the top.

You can put your thumb or finger or the trackpad and use it to move the cursor across the screen. Keep an eye on the cursor. Hover it over the app that you want to open and click on the trackpad to open the app.

There you go, now your problem of one-hand use of large screen phones is solved just like that. This is a very useful and one-of-its-kind app to perform such action.

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