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How to Best Use the Camera in Vivo Phones?

Vivo V11 Pro Camera

Vivo is aggressively stepping up their game in smartphone innovation and looks like they are going to snatch the title from Oppo as the best innovative smartphone brand. Vivo has recently launched some of their most successful smartphones.

From the budget Vivo Y91 to the exotic Vivo Nex Dual Screen, the Chinese manufacturer is going all in with smartphone design. However, it hasn’t only been limited to design. Vivo has improved a lot in smartphone camera as well. With the introduction of the Jovi AI assistant, the camera in their phones has improved drastically.

Those of you own a Vivo device, this thorough guide will help you a lot in understanding the camera in Vivo phones and taking amazing pictures with it.

Camera Interface

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Interface

Even with the latest phones like the Vivo V11 Pro, the company has not changed the camera interface. Although Huawei provides extensive modes in their camera app, we particularly like the interface on Vivo phones. All the modes are laid down on the sliding bar above the shutter button.

Besides the shutter button is the “filter” option which includes many filters for your pictures to choose from. The modes include Professional, Panorama, AI Face Beauty, Take Photo (Auto Mode), Videos and AR stickers.

All the modes and options are conveniently placed on a single screen.on the bar above the camera viewfinder, you can see the flash, HDR and the bokeh effect toggles along with the settings button. You can change camera settings by clicking on the button in the top right corner.

Auto Mode /Take Photo Mode

Vivo V11 Pro Auto Mode Screenshot

The most basic and most frequently used mode in any smartphone is the Auto mode. With the integration of Jovi AI assistant in camera, the phone automatically recognizes the scene or the subject and adjusts its settings. Though it looks simple, you can achieve amazing results with Auto mode. The bokeh effect toggle on the top bar helps to achieve a blur in the background like DSLR and gives your pictures a more refined look.

Google Lens Integration

Once you click on the Auto mode, you can see an additional icon for Google lens integration on the left of the shutter button. Tapping on this button activates the Google lens and while it is activated, you can point it on anything to identify the item or copy text from anything on your device so you can search it online or save it with you.

AI Face Beauty

Vivo v11 Pro AI Face Beauty

This is a dedicated face beauty feature that smoothens your skin and enhances beauty features. Not to mention that we are not particularly fans of this mode but it’s certainly a treat for people with excessive social media usage and selfie craze.

You can adjust the beauty level with a tap on the beauty button in the bottom right corner of the camera viewfinder. AI Face beauty also lets you turn the bokeh effect on or off based on your liking.

However, be careful when playing with the beauty feature. Increasing it to full will artificially enhance your skin tone to a level where not only the details get vanished but it also looks rather excessively treated.

Professional Mode

Vivo v11 Pro Pro mode

Like most of the smartphone out there, Vivo has also introduced a Pro mode in their phones in which you can play with the Exposure, ISO, Shutter speed, White balance and Focus to yield your desired results in the picture.

For example, if you lower down the exposure value it will decrease the amount of light that the image has but if you increase the shutter time it will brighten the image because the longer the shutter is open, the more light it collects while taking the image.

AR Stickers

Vivo V11 Pro AR Lens Screenshot

Augmented Reality in a smartphone camera is a fun thing to play with and it is the Artificial Intelligence that achieves this. In the case of Vivo phone, the Jovi AI engine does all the work to animate the pictures by recognizing the subject. You can opt for your favorite one from a load of the stickers available in the camera app.

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