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How the tech world reviews OnePlus 6

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Among all the excitement and gossip, OnePlus 6 was launched in London with all its magnificence. The tagline for the event was “The Speed You Need”. Company’s co-founder Carl Pei took to the stage to announce the phone and throughout the launch event, Pei’s emphasis could clearly be seen on phone’s speed and performance.

OnePlus phones are always officially dubbed as the flagship killer. OnePlus 6 has also been made to stand out from the likes of Huawei P20 Pro, iPhone X and Galaxy S9 with latest specs for almost half the price of these phones.

Since you already know the specs and features of OnePlus 6, we’ll directly jump on to the rattle it has caused in tech community around the globe. Let’s see how the techies and geeks have responded towards the OnePlus 6.

Premium Glass Design

OnePlus 6 has taken a serious leap forward in the design compartment, shifting from metal to glass body and this has been well received in the tech-savvy community. Android Authority, yet another reliable name, has appreciated this effort of the company to give the phone’s design an overhaul at par with the latest specs in prevailing flagships.


Oneplus has done an applaudable job on increasing the screen size while keeping the overall footprint of the phone the same as its predecessor, OnePlus 5T. The biggest design changes lie on the back where both the camera have shifted vertically in the center of the phone along with an oblong fingerprint sensor at the bottom of cameras.

The slick look and the silky-smooth finish of the phone have also garnered many appreciations in a hands-on review from Engadget, a tech website with a huge following.

Powerful Specs

Swift performance along with amazing specs have been the anecdote of OnePlus phones for quite some time now. OnePlus 6 is no different and packs the latest Snapdragon 845 along with 8 GB of RAM so the phone doesn’t show any lags nor does it slow down in heavy usage.

However shiny the specs may seem, reviewers at Gadgets Now consider the 8GB RAM an overkill and they might be right only because most of the other flagships still use 4/6 GB RAM which proves sufficient and can easily perform all the tasks that an 8GB RAM can. RAM in the OnePlus 6 is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

OnePlus 6 is definitely a powerhouse and with a clean user interface, according to TechRadar, a leading technology outlet. Their overview of the phone gives us quite a handful of information on the user experience of the phone.

Another trusted name in the tech world is Trusted Reviews which has labeled the phone as a mighty step forward with top-notch specs and snappy performance.

Lack of IP rating and Wireless Charging

No matter how powerful the specs may be, there are some features that we mandatorily want to see in a 2018 flagship like wireless charging and an official water resistance rating and the lack of both is the obvious drawback of the phone, says Android Central in a hands-on review of the phone.

The company spokesperson said,  “we don’t really feel the need to add wireless charging. We’re not going to add a feature just for the sake of it.”

What OnePlus needs to understand is that it’s not about what the company wants, its all about the user’s demands. Since OnePlus 6 is the highest priced phone from the company, it should have included wireless charging and water resistance.

It’s 2018! almost every flagship has got such features and for a phone that claims to be the flagship killer, these should have been the priority inclusions in the phone.

A Dreadful Face Unlock

Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter by the day. Huawei introduced its first machine learning chip back in the day while Apple put forth its true depth camera that recognizes your face in 3D to unlock your phone and is pitch perfect in terms of applicability and Samsung introduced its iris scanner. Companies are trying their best to provide maximum security features to protect your privacy.

Following the crowd, OnePlus also decided to provide a Face Unlock feature in their latest flagship which looks cool and all but after testing the Face Unlock, reviewers at Forbes were very shocked at how the face unlock can easily be bypassed with a user’s picture.

OnePlus lacks the specialized hardware such as the iPhone’s true depth camera to provide a secure locking system which is why the bypassing could easily be done with a photo which begets the question here; Why provide a Face Unlock feature that does not work properly?

Only a Full HD Display

Given that it’s a 2018 flagship we were expecting a little bit more in terms of display and as TechRadar reports, the major downsides of the phones include a Full HD display.

Since OnePlus upped the price of their latest flagship and it also uses an AMOLED display, the company had the opportunity to enhance the resolution on the phone but instead went with just a Full HD display.


Although an AMOLED display has its own benefits like rich colors, comparatively increased brightness for outdoors, still it is the exact same technology that was used in OnePlus 5T. and then there’s the infamous notch in the display.

Thankfully OnePlus has provided an option to hide the notch if you don’t prefer it but that begets the question of why putting the notch in the first place if you want to hide it with software toggles? Moreover, the notch steals the uniqueness of phones design, almost all the phones with notches look the same from their front view.

Again that entirely depends upon the user and altogether a subjective experience which may vary with every particular consumer.

Snappy Software

OnePlus has always been praised among the mobile user community due to its lightweight Oxygen OS which does not eat up phone’s resources and perform pretty swiftly with it simple interface rather than a cartoonish look.

OnePlus 6 comes with Android 8.1 and Oxygen OS 5.1.2 on top for smooth and fuss-free day to day operations. OnePlus also introduced the gesture commands that replace the navigational Home, Back and Menu keys on the phone. As folks at Digital Trends, a famous tech outlet, review the phone, they couldn’t help but notice how frustrating and unreliable the gesture control was.

Picture Source: Gadgets 360

It is the closest experience to stock Android that you can get right now. With an improved and optimized Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 6, the phone has a new Gaming mode and doesn’t have much to complain about, as says Android Central who dubs the phone as “Best Deal in Town”

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