Here’s how Samsung is fixing Galaxy Fold smartphones

Samsung’s CEO recently revealed that the company has been working on fixing the design flaws of their first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold but didn’t explain how they were going to do it. Thanks to a new report by South Korea’s Yonhap News, we can finally get some answers as to what improvements we can expect from the revised Galaxy Fold smartphone.

The smartphone made rounds around the internet due to two major problems, first was the protective film covering the screen and the second was the folding hinge of the device. Due to the absence of any warning, the reviewers took off the protective layer on top of the screen which caused their phones to malfunction while the large gap in the hinge allowed the dust particles sneak in and contaminate the sensitive OLED panel.

To solve the first problem, Samsung is tucking in the protective film into the edges of the smartphone’s body which will make it difficult for the users to take it off. Besides no one in their right mind would consciously try to annihilate their $2000 Galaxy Fold for the cheap thrill of pulling off the protector.

Secondly, the company is working to reduce the size of the gap which can be accomplished by either eliminating the gap altogether or reducing it to an extent that no dust particle or debris can collect near the screen. Lastly, Samsung will put more warning labels and safety statements for Galaxy Fold users to tell them how they are supposed to handle the foldable phone.

Before its much-awaited launch, the review units of Galaxy Fold started breaking down leading the company to postpone the phone’s arrival and recall all devices to investigate the flaws. The company’s CEO recently has also hinted at the imminent launch of the device and maybe we can expect it to come before the official launch of Huawei’s Mate X.


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