Honor will not split-off from Huawei as a separate brand

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Recently, a lot of reports have been circulating that Huawei is soon going to spin-off its Honor sub-brand, into a separate brand. However, the company’s president Zhao Ming has expressively denounced such notions.

He asserted that the two brands will remain unseparated and will move forward together in this journey of excellence in the smartphone industry.

The sub-brand was launched by Huawei in 2013 as its sub-brand. Other Chinese companies like Xiaomi, were on the rise then and Huawei deemed it the need of the hour to give them tough competition in the budget and mid-range category, thus Honor was born.

Huawei heavily relies on its sub-brand for its success in budget and midrange category. With Honor separated, the dreams of the Chinese giant to top the smartphone industry will turn to ashes which is why Huawei can’t easily let Honor go.

Within such a short period of time of its inception, Honor has successfully crossed Xiaomi, which is the fourth largest vendor in China in terms of device shipments.

Huawei wanted Honor sub-brand to operate as an independent entity in terms of branding, product distribution and other strategies, however, the latter did not receive a dedicated R&D unit which means that it is still dependant on the technology created by its parent company. This clearly shows that Huawei is not going to let Honor go.

It has one of the most exciting smartphones line-ups with amazing and aggressive pricing and it’s totally understandable why Huawei isn’t ready to spin off Honor.

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